Swan Song

Swan SongSwan Song by Robert R. McCammon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book takes you on an epic journey as we follow Swan, a child who has an extraordinary power within her and her guardian Josh (black Frankenstein)as they travel the country after a nuclear war. Along the way they run into people both dangerous and helpful who make their lives more enriched. In each state their are survivors and they are moving toward something they can’t understand. In New York we meet a homeless woman who is called Sister Creep she survives the blast and finds a wondrous piece of glass in the burned out hulk of a jewelry store on 5th Ave which gives her hope for the future. Under a mountain in Idaho a young boy survives and becomes twisted by his association with a military leader after the lights go out and things fall apart, starting a quest to destroy and conquer.

This is a story of good and evil in the aftermath of a world changing event. The big difference is that you can spot both after a transformation that none expected.


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