Nullified Magic

I would give this 4.5 stars actually. This is a great story and one I have not read before.

Scarlett Bernard is a null, this means that magic of any kind is nullified within a certain range of her. Vampires become human again, werewolves are unable to change, and spells have no effect and the practitioner is unable to cast. In her line of work that is a very good thing, because Scarlett cleans up crime scenes for supernatural beings.

When a murder is committed and she becomes the prime suspect Scarlett has no choice but to try and find out who is responsible. The master Vampire of the Los Angeles has told her that if she cannot do it, she dies as the guilty party.

I loved the characters and of course the setting of this tale. Murder, suspense, betrayal, you have a bit of everything with the hint of a love triangle. This is a great read for fans of urban fantasy.

Dead Spots (Scarlett Bernard, #1)Dead Spots by Melissa F. Olson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


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