The Dog in the Dark: A Novel of the Noble Dead (Noble Dead Saga: Series 3 #2)The Dog in the Dark: A Novel of the Noble Dead by Barb Hendee
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have been reading this series since the beginning, though I started with book three and had to backtrack. I love the characters because they are not always who you think they are. Each is searching and hoping to be more than what is expected of them from various factions.

This entry does not have the action of series one, or the interesting fumbling in matters over their head of a scholar like series two. What is does have is a chance to fill in all the gaps between the ending of one series and the other. The chance to get a voice other than Wynn, Chap, Magiere, or Leesil on the current threat to the world.

Brot’â’duivé, who’s name means The Dog in the Dark, is an Anmaglâhk (spy & assassin) of the an’Cróan elves of Leesil and Magiere’s continent. He comes to protect Magiere from ‘Most Aged Father’ and his loyalists. What he gives to us the reader is the story of what happened after Magiere and friends left the Elven lands. He gives his story slowly and only with reluctance as they travel.

We are also allowed to find out what happened to Magiere, Chap and Leesil as they separated from Wynn and went to hide the orb that they had uncovered. Each of them has been changed by the experience and have memories which weigh heavy on them.

If you have enjoyed this series in the past I think you will not be disappointed by this entry. Just know that there are not a lot of battles with Nobel dead but there is action.