Sven the Zombie Slayer

This was a good book with likeable characters and one you will hate or pity. The zombies are localized to the Virginia area and so no one is aware of how or why they have started to walk.

The title character, Sven, is a competitive bodybuilder who works as a personal trainer. He is working out with his friend and spotter, Lars, in his basement as the zombies start to walk. When the action begins Sven can only think to grab his cat, Ivan, and run.

Sven rescues Jane, his ex-girlfriend, and they take off for a safe place. Jane has had her own bad morning and is glad to see him. She appears to be a quiet person, but has a love of guns that comes in handy in this situation.

On their journey they run into two teenagers, Lorie and Evan, who are also looking for a safe place. Lorie runs track and has an unhealthy predilection for up close carnage, but is very good at it.

The story moves swiftly from scene to scene and will keep you wanting more. There seems to be a mystical quality which is not fully explored so expect more in coming volumes.

If you like/love zombies I would say to give this a look and decide for yourself.

Sven the Zombie SlayerSven the Zombie Slayer by Guy James

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