Wyrd and Fae

Give Me: A Tale of Wyrd and Fae (Tethers #1)Give Me: A Tale of Wyrd and Fae by L.K. Rigel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m going with 4 1/2 stars here, it would have been 5 but it didn’t totally blow me out of the water.

I started this not really expecting much but was pleasantly surprised. 😉 The writing is good and combines two of my favorite things witchcraft (wyrding) and the Fae. The story stretches from the middle ages to modern-day England in a small county off the beaten track which does not have cell reception or access to the internet. But they have a rich heritage and a wyrding woman who has been there from the beginning. The story goes from that castle in the middle ages to modern-day California and finally to modern-day Dumnos and back.

This is a story of love and loss and the desire to fix a mistake made a thousand years ago. The characters are well established and likable bringing you into their world more fully. Not something for everyone but romantics will enjoy this I’m sure. No real sex but descriptions of desire and longing that work for this.