The Missing

The Missing (The FBI Psychics, #1)The Missing by Shiloh Walker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Taige Branch is a psychic who free lances for the FBI, her specialty is finding lost or kidnapped children. When Taige was young she lost her parents and was sent to live with an Uncle who hated her and called her a demon every day she was in his presence. The summer she was 16 she finally met someone who she could connect with, Cullen Morgan, a rich boy who came for a vacation. They were inseparable that summer and every summer for the next 4 years, then Cullen experienced a tragedy that he blamed Taige for not stopping. He kicked her out of his life and she was changed by his actions. For twelve years they were apart and then tragedy strikes Cullen again and he seeks out Taige’s help, but also wants her back in his life.

The story is about finding what has been lost and what can be gained from love. There is a feeling of heartache here but behind all that is a mystery which holds murder, insanity, trauma, and kidnapping.

The other players here are Jillian Morgan, Cullen’s 9-year-old daughter and also very special. There is Taylor Jones, head of the special branch of the FBI which employs psychics of all types and varied talents. Taige’s Uncle, Leon Carson, is a preacher and very evil man who is charming on the outside but has no love for the niece who lost her whole family in one night.

If good characters, great story, and happy endings interest you then this should be given a chance.