Oxford Blood

Oxford Blood (The Cavaliers, #1)Oxford Blood by Georgiana Derwent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While the theme is familiar the setting and tone make it something
different. At first I was not sure about what time period we were
dealing with, but once I realized it was more of a present day thing it
made more sense.

The Cavaliers are an elite group of men within
the walls of Oxford who have a secret which has been kept for hundreds
of years. They are known for their lavish parties, beautiful members,
and complete exclusivity. They are the rich, well connected society that
anyone would be thrilled to be asked to join. The problem is that in
order to join you must make a large sacrifice that might haunt you for

Harriet arrives at Oxford for her first year, she is
not posh, but a girl from a humble upbringing. Her first day she meets a
boy and instantly has feelings for him, as he seems to have for her.
Tom is a Cavalier, though Harriet does not know this. What ensues is a
kind of Romeo and Juliet story with vampires. There are a lot of secrets
which have been kept from Harriet and it all comes out as she attempts
to start a life in a new place with new friends. As Harriet learns more
about her family and their connection to the Cavaliers she becomes more
determined than ever to take her life into her own hands and not be
pushed into doing something she does not think is right.

it starts out a bit slowly soon you are caught up with Harriet in the
world of Oxford and all the things which are going on around her. Their
is what I suppose is a subplot which is not really well played out, at
least to my satisfaction. I saw that coming from a mile away from the

But if you love vampires and romance and blood and
political posturing then you will like this. I have to continue reading
the next book because now I want to see what Harriet is going to do
about her triangle.