Lacuna: Demons of the Void

Lacuna: Demons of the Void (Lacuna #1)Lacuna: Demons of the Void by David  Adams

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

True rating would be 3.5 stars. II was not sure what to expect when I started this except another space opera. It turned out to be a little more than that. The protagonist is a woman, Melissa Liao, who has dedicated her life to the Chinese Navy. When the earth is attacked and multiple cities destroyed and millions killed she is tapped to command one of three new warships being built on the moon. She takes to this mission and goes to face the enemy with an iron will.

This story also has a romance element which is surprising considering the fact that it is about military might. But it fits with what is going on around them.

What’s not to like, aliens, romance, space battles, and loss.