The Haunted

The Haunted by Michaelbrent Collings

I would give this a solid 4.5 rating. Though the opening lines are
familiar, this just makes it feel like a story I might enjoy. I would
have just expected something a bit more original. I have always liked
haunted house mysteries because they can be the creepiest.

story has a slow build as you meet the characters, though there are only
two, as most of the action takes place within the walls of the house.
This house has been vacant for a long time, only occupied for short
periods of time by people from away who do not or do not believe its
history. The townspeople avoid the house perched on the hill because
though it is vacant it is not empty.

Sarah and Cap arrive and
start to move into their dream home, which they got for a low price, and
immediately feel that things are strange. Sarah is pregnant and looking
forward to starting a new life and home with her family. The only
problem is that she feels she is being watched and things keep being
moved around. Is she going crazy or is there something else going on her
new house?

I have read a lot of horror novels and it is not easy
to make me feel the dread that is supposed to be conveyed in these
stories. This one drew me in and gave me that feeling of panic and
desperation our couple were feeling. I was with them as they tried to
first find out what was happening and then trying to fight it. While it
is not super scary, it is a nail biter with a fantastic twist ending.