Descent of Blood

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I have never been over fond of history, but if it had been written like this I might have enjoyed it a lot more.

Descent of Blood (The Red Veil Series, #0.5)          by Elizabeth Marx

The story begins in England in 1465 during the War of the Roses, a bloody time in British history. This is a time when the King Henry was defending his thrown against the usurper Richard. Some of the lords backing Henry were actually vampires who felt that keeping him on the throne would protect them from being found out by others. While this is happening you have separate factions who are using the turmoil to attempt to solidify their own positions.

But this more than just a tale about war it is about a connection between a vampire and a human, a connection so deep that it even has a name ‘The Red Veil’. It is a connection so deep that it calls to the individuals body, blood and soul. It can cause a connection which can lead to the brink of madness if they cannot be with the one they desire. Meridian is the daughter of Lord Neville and innocent, Lord Severian Pearce comes to her castle tracking a man who knows about vampires and is on the opposite side of their battle. Severian is well-known and feared by many but he wants more from his eternal life than that and Meridian could be exactly what he has been looking for.

This was one of those stories I could not put down once I started and had to keep reading until I found out how things were resolved. The characters seemed true to the time period, a girl who was modest and chaste, a man who was a warrior and every inch the hero. There are unexpected twists, political posturing, romance, betrayal, and a fair bit of violence. I am looking forward to the next entry because this one really caught my attention. Loved it!!