Return to Hell House

The Legend of Hell House

The Legend of Hell House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Return to Hell House by Nancy A. Collins

Return to Hell House by Nancy A. Collins

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I liked this because it was not just a rehashing of the original story
but brought something new to the table. With that said it was still true
to the original in tone.

This novella is based on Hell House by
Richard Matheson. It is a prequel which gives an early view of Belasco
House and the power which was gathered within it’s walls.

Belasco was a depraved man who built his house as playground for those
who were willing to participate in all manner of perversion and
depravity. When everyone died within its walls his body was not among
them but the evil lived on. In 1931 an investigation as launched that
resulted in the death of all involved. In 1940 another attempt was made
to investigate Hell House, this is their story. Dr’s Rand and Graham are
there to prove that ghosts do not exist, they have brought three others
as well. There is Grace Lauter, a mental medium who wishes to prove
that her ex-fiance did not commit murder in Hell House in 1931. Benjamin
Fischer, a 15-year-old physical medium who wishes to shed his moniker
as ‘Ghost Boy’ but has not been allowed to truly grow up. And finally
there is Professor Fenley a friend of Ben’s mother and a dedicated
spiritualist. What they find in Belasco House is stronger and more
terrifying than anything they could have imagined.

An enjoyable
and quick read for fans of Richard Matheson. This story can also be
found in ‘He is Legend‘ edited by Christopher Conlon.