Blood and Sand

Blood and Sand by Elizabeth   Hunter      Blood and Sand (Elemental World, #2)
by Elizabeth Hunter

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

While I have loved all the books in this series, this one has to be my favorite. The reason is that we get a chance to really get to know a character who has been in the background for a while. Baojia was first introduced in the Elemental Mysteries series as a member of the family of Don Ernesto as well as his head of security. The character is well fleshed out and the writing is impeccable. The tone and pace and just right for the story which is being told.

Baojia has been exiled from Los Angeles and is currently residing in San Diego, he expected to be there only a short time but it has been over 2 years and he is bored. When one night Natalie Ellis, a reporter walks into his club and turns his world upside down. Natalie got his name from a mutual friend, who did not inform her what he was, but she is investigating a story which has ramifications she could not possibly fathom. All she knows is that women are dying in large numbers and she wants to find out who is doing it and bring them to justice.

For his part, Baojia is glad to have something to do besides look at numbers. He does want the human out the way though and that could get sticky. This installment also brings together many of the characters we have met before in past novels. Beatrice and Giovanni, Ben, Tenzin, Carwyn and Brigid, as well as Desiree and Matt all become involved in this situation and are willing to help even though they do not all get along with Baojia. If you know about the Elixir, then you know it is still a major part of the story and why.

These books are well written, entertaining, and hot! The action is great too!!