The Wolf’s Captive

The Wolf's Captive by Chloe Cox   
The Wolf’s Captive (BDSM Bacchanal #2)

by Chloe Cox


It’s 4.5 stars and could have been so much more.

I want to have my own Cesare with every kink in tact. This was a hot read with a story I could enjoy as well.

It is Bacchanal in J’Amel and Lucia is going to experience it for the first time after years of hearing the rumors of what takes place. What she cannot anticipate is that it will bring her more heartache as well as excitement than any time in her life. While she is attending the Dance of Seasons she spots Lord Cesare Lupin as Winter and finds herself drawn to him in a way she cannot explain, though she knows as a commoner she does not have a chance with him. Cesare Lupin also known as the Wolf has returned from the Berkari mountains as changed man, he can feel the beast within him trying to get out, and when he spots Lucia it no longer struggles as he finds his mate.

What neither of them are aware of at that time is that a plot to jail Lucia’s father for treason is moving forward and soon they will be caught up in a web of intrigue that could bring them together or tear them apart.

This is bacchanal a time to shed your inhibitions for a week and indulge yourself in all the pleasures of the body.

The paranormal elements are light but that does not make them any less relevant to the plot. This is a sexy, hot look at how to tame the beast within.

The language is graphic, so read with that in mind.


The leather pride flag, which has become a sym...

The leather pride flag, which has become a symbol of BDSM and fetish subcultures. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)