How to Date a Vampire

How to Date a Vampire by Rose Pressey   How to Date a Vampire (Rylie Cruz #2)
by Rose Pressey


This is a 3.5 star read. Rylie Cruz is a great character and I love her to death but she can be so out there sometimes. With that said, I do like the story here. It’s a fun quick run through the streets of New Orleans as Rylie faces yet another obstacle in her quest to finally get close to Jack.

When last we saw Rylie she was getting ready to rush to her parents house along with Jack. Well apparently when they arrive they end up in a fight with the vampires who have come looking for her Uncle Ernie. During the fight Jack is bitten and while Rylie hopes for the best, based on movie transformations, she knows that she may now be dating a vampire. Things only take a turn for the worse, as if things could get any worse, when the vampires comes and want to take Jack away for an unknown reason.

Also getting in on the action are Rylie’s best friend and roommate Jennifer Matthews, who is human along with Lily the crazy client and werewolf who will not go away. With various vampires who all seem to have varying agendas, Rylie has no idea who to turn to for help.

If you are in the mood for a light read with characters that are appealing and fun, then this is for you. I found myself actually laughing out loud at times and that means it definitely has merit.

Be aware however that it does contain some spelling errors, extra words, and missing words throughout. I know that can bother some, but does not detract from the story itself.