Fierce Reads

The Fierce Reads Anthology by Anna Banks   The Fierce Reads Anthology
by Anna Banks , Leigh Bardugo, Jennifer Bosworth , Emmy Laybourne , Marissa Meyer


My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I was very pleasantly surprised when I started reading this. Not only do we have short stories but the added bonus of an excerpt of the book the short is based on. The stories vary in length as well as genre but all are from fairly new authors with a twist. While I enjoyed all the stories, I have to say that two were my favorites, though I will now be purchasing all the books the shorts were based on. Oh my straining budget!

I would love to lay out each story for you but that would be silly since you could simply purchase and read them for yourself. So instead I will give a brief synopsis of my two favorites.

Legacy Lost by Anna Banks is a story about mermaid people who reside under a thick ice cover. They have two kingdoms which in order to stay united pledge a child to marriage. In this case Grom, a prince of the Triton’s has been told he must marry Nalia, a princess of the Poseidon‘s. Since he knew he as a child and did not like her he is less than thrilled and she is not any happier since she does not like him either. This is a love story that holds the fate of an entire race in its hands.

In “Dress Your Marines in White” by Emmy Laybourne you have the equivalent of a mad scientist who is so intent on human testing of her killer substance that she sees nothing else. Her assistant is a family man who is so horrified by the results of their human testing (he is going to a hypnotist to forget) is asked to write a report. his report will be used to decide if they move forward or stop the research all together. This is like the beginning of any apocalyptic story, you have a vial of something deadly and the question is, will it get out.


Emmy Laybourne at Kevin Geeks Out About Genre ...

Emmy Laybourne at Kevin Geeks Out About Genre Busters (Photo credit: 92YTribeca)

In the past I have shied away from young adult fare but find that some of it is worth reading even for someone like me who is well past that particular phase.