Black Sea Gods

Black Sea Gods by Brian Braden   Black Sea Gods (Chronicle of Fu Xi)
by Brian Braden

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was not what I expected when I started reading. I was expecting a tale of gods and goddesses only. But this was definitely more than that.

This story builds on the mythology of the Black Sea. It starts out slowly but once you get past the first few chapters it gets very

interesting. I found myself liking the characters and wanting them all to survive, but that does not always happen.

The best way to give a look at this is through the blurb:

“The fish have disappeared from the sea. The animals have vanished from the land. All humanity, and even the gods, tremble under the specter of a pending cataclysm. The demigod Fu Xi races home from the edge of the world bringing news of a looming god war, but finds his land under attack by monsters he once called his children. He discovers a terrible curse has been cast, one intended to destroy the gods and all life. To his shock, Fu Xi learns mankind’s hope rest solely on him, a simple fisherman and a banished slave girl.

Beset on all sides, Fu Xi knows he must act quickly and races west to rescue the saviors. Unaware of the real doom that awaits, Aizarg the fisherman and his party begin a perilous journey across a dangerous steppe. They seek the last of the Narim, the legendary Black Sea Gods, who hold the key to their salvation. Leading them is the rescued slave girl Sarah, the only one among them who knows the path to the land of the god-men.

Over seven days the defining struggle of gods and humans begins under the onslaught of a powerful force whose true objective and origin remain a mystery. Fu Xi knows the secret to victory resides in a fisherman and a slave girl, whose lives he must protect, even if it means the rest of the world must perish.”

If you want something that will make you think and not just entertain I think this would be a good read. It took myths I had known all my life and gave them a spin I would never had considered. I really enjoyed it!


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