The Nightlife New York

The Nightlife: New York (The Nightlife, #1)

The Nightlife: New York (The Nightlife #1)

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
When I started reading this I was not sure what to expect. All I knew for sure was that it was going to involve Vampires and I love Vampires. Well, after reading it through I can say without a doubt that I really, really liked this. It didn’t snatch me into the story but drew me in slowly as I started to get an idea about the characters and what they were like. I like this this new style vampire who are part of the world and not at the same time. This was a getting to know you kind of thing for me and the story was just what I would have wanted to get me in the right place.

Aaron Pilan is a nineteen year old who seems to be drifting through life, working as a waiter and hanging out with his friends. Then one night he happens upon a beautiful woman being hassled by the police and tries to step in to help, not a good idea. The lady can take care of herself and he gets a hole in his chest for his trouble. Michelle is beautiful, french, and a vampire, she is also alone. When she sees the boy shot she takes him with her and tries to help, but the only thing she can do is make him like her. What ensues is a story of two people, one already in love and another who does not believe it is possible for her to love.

I liked Michelle even though she seemed a bit psychotic at first, the reasons were justified for all the actions she took. Aaron has his own issues but is like any boy of his age you might meet, an attractive woman can make things seem just fine.I think I would have liked to see him more anguished or even angry about becoming a vampire but that was just a small thing. Overall I enjoyed the story so much that one thing could not detract from the rest. It didn’t hurt that they had some great chemistry as well. 🙂

I will definitely be reading the next installment because I think there is a lot more to both of them and I want to see it unfold. This offers hot romance, corrupt police, and a flawed vampire. This is well worth the read and once you start I think you will not put it down until the final page has been turned.



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