Gabriel’s Hope

Gabriel's Hope by Lizzy Ford    Gabriel’s Hope (Rhyn Eternal, #1)
by Lizzy Ford

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Though it did not make me immediately interested it did catch me after the first 3 chapters. The plot is interesting when you realize that what you are dealing with are immortals, and not just any immortals but those who have been a part of our mythology for generations. Death, Fate, Demons, and the Devil are all here and vying for our attention.

Gabriel has just been appointed as Death and he has no idea how to handle his elevated status. He has been a hired hand for countless years and now he is expected to take the reins and make sure that all souls are collected as they should be. When he is sent out by Fate to collect a soul he runs into someone who may change his life in unexpected ways, Deidre, she has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor and has only months to live. While Gabriel tries to fix the problems in the underworld he finds that his heart is being effected by a human who he does not want to lose.

This story was entertaining but could have been so much more. While I liked Deidre, she was so conflicted at times that all I wanted to do was hit her. She started as a strong woman and then became this frail little then went back to being strong. I get that she needed a range of emotions but sometimes less is more.

There is a cliff hanger ending and if nothing else that makes me want to read the next entry because now I want to know what happens next.