Growl (Lacey Hannigan Trilogy #1)


My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
I liked it but it was not that grab you and entrance you type read. Don’t get me wrong though, there is plenty to like here and make you want to continue. The story has a slow build but then goes straight to action, which is refreshing since most of the time you have to wait several chapters before anything of note happens. I did want to find out more as I read and was not tempted to just skim, which is a good thing because sometimes things can get bogged down in the details. So it flowed well enough for me to keep track of what was important to the story.

Lacey Hannigan has a power, she can move things with her, not great for a seventeen year old who just wants to be normal. Her father left when was 4 unable to deal with a child so different, her mother was afraid of her, and her step-father wanted to her. So, Lacey runs away to the big city and lands in a situation she could not have anticipated. Her first night in town she becomes the target of a hunting pack and only her ability saves her, but it also peaks the interest of the Alpha and he wants her at any costs.

This is almost a coming of age story just with telekinesis and wolves. Lacey is a lost little girl who has been hurt by the people who should have loved and protected her. And while she thinks that she is able to take care of herself, she still needs the comfort of a family and friends. I liked Lacey most of the time but she was so much like most female characters, wishy-washy when it came to her love interest. The whole which one will it be thing.

The characters are believable but could have been fleshed out more, particularly those that are central to the story. The dialogue is appropriate but a little stiff in places, mostly when Lacey and Jesse are interacting. But as I have said, an enjoyable story which does make you want to continue the series in the end. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a wolf shifter with a little twist. This has violence, a little romance,and family dysfunction.