Affliction (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, #22)


(Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #22)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I have been reading about Anita Blake since the first book “Guilty Pleasures” and have always been happy where they took me. This is no
exception, I was not disappointed in the least. Anita is a kick-ass woman who may have some issues and may sometimes be unsure about her
status as human, she still always does what needs doing, and that usually involves a lot of killing.
The exploration of Micah‘s background and family made this a story that held my interest from the beginning. While we have had glimpses of what his life was like before he met Anita never anything personal. From the phone call that initiated the story to the arrival home, this story flowed effortlessly from scene to scene and kept me awake well past bed time. The characters are so rich and diversified, you have people from all walks of life and whether they are vampires, were-animals, men, women, black, white or something in between they each have their own flavor.

The world Anita inhabits is so much like the world we live in with all the same problems but amplified to fit the existence of the supernatural creatures who live there too. You have envy, betrayal by friends, love, hate, and varying degrees of violence. But you have a group of people who have found a way to live that suits them and allows them to function within the chaos. That’s what everyone wants. Anita has evolved from a one note character to a well rounded one who can see all sides, but she maintains her core values even though they now include “the monsters”.

The story itself takes us to Colorado where Micah’s father has contracted a rotting disease from a zombie bite. Anita and Nathaniel accompany him for the sad reunion with his estranged family. Even though Anita is not there in an official capacity she soon finds herself sucked into the investigation due to her expertise with zombie raising. What ensues is a fight to save not only Micah’s father but all of humanity from a threat she thought had been neutralized when they killed Marmee Noir.

Edward/Ted comes to her aid as well as Jean-Claude and many of the best who reside and protect them from the Circus of the Damned. There is a lot of violence, a little sex, and a lot of heart on display. One of the best novels in this series and there have been many.

If you have not tried out the Anita Blake series I would suggest you give it a try! I Love Anita and her Men!!