Booster & Reeves

Booster & Reeves: The Night of the Revenants

Booster & Reeves: The Night of the Revenants


My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This was not your typical zombie story by any means. When I started this I was unsure of where it was going to go, but it did take me to a pleasant place and made me like it and at least two of the characters a lot. The story may have been a bit odd but it definitely had something rather fun and whimsical about it. Booster and Reeves are both interesting characters who had an interesting chemistry that worked.

The story itself had a flow that was easy to follow once you knew what exactly was happening and allowed you to follow the progression with no problem. The characters themselves are a bit larger than life but fit well within the tale that is being told and you can’t help but smile at what they are attempting to do and the way they go about it.

Broderick Booster is a bit of a lay about, rich and idle, he likes to play video games where he kills zombies. Reeves is a manservant, Boosters manservant and undeniably the brains in the house. When the dead start to walk an unexpected visitor shows up at the door, Boosters Aunt Gertie who has been dead for two weeks. She comes to tell him that he can stop the dead from walking if he takes on the quest that she has come to tell him about. He and Reeves cannot refuse and take off to stop the madness before it can destroy everything in its path.

There is not a lot of carnage or violence but enough to satisfy. You do have the added bonus of black magic and time travel to balance that all out. These guys should have another adventure because they are so good together. Enjoy this for the light take on zombies and some interesting people.