Sought (Brides of the Kindred, #3)

Sought (Brides of the Kindred #3)


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This was written in the same fantastic style as always. Once again we have characters who are so well written that you could not help to sympathize with their plight as they attempt to go about their lives. A story which this time has more action but no less hot sex and the pursuit of a lasting bond between a man, a woman, and a man. We literally get to fly off past the very edges of our universe.

Kat O’Connor is the best friend of Olivia and Sophie Waterhouse, they are more like sisters than anything. When Sophie and Sylvan became lost on Earth and were being Hunted, Kat went to the only people who could help her, Baird & Sylvan’s second brothers Locks Tight and Stabs Deep. The Twin Kindreds are seeker/finders and Kat becomes their focus in order to find them. The side effect unfortunately was a partial soul bond which caused her great pain and the only solution was to complete the bond. With Kat unsure about being bonded to the brothers and Deep in his own funk of self-hatred. While Kat fights her attraction to the brothers and Lock tries to persuade his brother that loving her will be good they are also simply trying to keep her alive.

“What exactly do you think we’re trying to do here?” Deep demanded. “You think we want to fuck you?”His rough words made Kat’s stomach clench. “I sure as hell hope not for your sake,” she said evenly. “You try it and I’ll knee both of you so hard you’ll be wearing your balls for bowties.”“Bravely spoken, little Kat.” Deep had the nerve to sound amused. “But that isn’t what this is about at all. We just need to heal you.” ― Evangeline Anderson, Sought

I can’t give away much more of the story though because it would not be as good for the new reader. With two large Kindred males who cannot be separated and who must share a woman you can imagine how the lady would feel. Twin Kindred must penetrate the female at the same time and it can be a scary prospect (to say the least) but how could you say no without at least getting the details.

Another hot read with more of the sci-fi element with a trip into deep space, astral projection, and an alien fruit that has interesting effects. I love this author and her vision, it is so different from anything else I have ever read and I can’t wait for more.



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