Witch’s Bell

Witch's Bell Book One (Witch's Bell, #1)

Witch’s Bell Book One (Witch’s Bell #1)

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Though I eventually ended up liking this book it was a close thing. From the beginning I was not sure what was going on or what the story was about, other than a witch who was really cocky, and worked for the police. Most books I will read between 1-2 days but it took me 6 days to get through this one, partly because I started reading another book that grabbed my attention. I kept going because I wanted to see where things were headed and whether there would be a payoff in the end. It did finally pick up nicely by the time I got 65% through. The only character I felt even remotely stood out was the main one, the others were not fleshed out enough to really form a good opinion of them one way or the other.

Ebony Bell is a summoner witch residing in the city of Vale which sits on a Portal or gate between worlds. She is the official witch consultant to the Vale police and helps them when magical crimes occur, and that is quite often because of the door. After revealing to a mortal that she is a witch Ebony has her magic taken away for a month and must live as a human. Though this is the worst thing that has ever happened to her she soon finds that things can be much worse than she had ever thought possible.

I do not require non-stop action in a book, or for the heroine to be in love by the third chapter, it would have just been nice if all the peripheral characters had been more interesting or just more involved. A little more background information on Senior Detective Ben, who had known Ebony since she was a child would have helped. Or more information on Detective Nathan Wall, who arrives with secrets and they are not revealed until the final chapters. There were so many characters who I felt could have been fleshed out and not focused so much on Ebony being whiny.