The First Alpha

The First Alpha

The First Alpha

I gave this 3 stars but I feel more like 2.5 stars. I can’t really decide where I should go with this. I liked the premise of the story and it did move along at a nice pace, but still it was lacking in some ways. I would have liked if the characters were fleshed out more, particularly the character of Lucius. We are told he is a cruel and sadistic guy but we don’t really get to see enough of him to get to explore that. Then there is Megan who is there one minute and gone the next but seems to have an important role in what is going on, no development of who she is or why she did what she did.

The idea behind the story is good and I did enjoy it. Adam has wandered for 3000 years looking for his mate and has not found her in all those years. Cassie is 23 years old and has been given to the cruel 500-year-old Alpha Lucius by her mother to cement a treaty which would save their tribe from disappearing. When Adam and Cassie meet they know they are fated for each other, but the question is can they get away from what has been planned for Cassie since she was a child?

Cassie seems like a weak, whiny wolf with no common sense but then morphs into this strong woman all of a sudden and there should have been more. Adam is way older than Lucius but does not really seem as dominant as you would expect from a wolf of his age, though he is said to feel like an Alpha. This has introduced them and I would like to see more to see if the characters can be brought more to the front and made more interesting.

A quick read with a nice story that may pique your interest.


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