My Wish

My Wish (Time Guardians, #1)

My Wish

(Time Guardians #1)

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
The reason I gave this 3.5 stars is because it did not really give a great story
from start to finish. It started out slow and I was not sure what was
going to happen but once she arrives home things pick up. The plot is
simple and based on the cover obviously has something to do with genies.
Though the characters do not really have much personality in the
beginning as things progress they begin to seem more real as they share.
The language sometimes seems stilted but that may have been intentional
since the men are supposed to be from another time. While I did think
the characters did not have a lot of personality I must say that I came
to like them.

Alana does not have a personal life and spends most
of her time looking for antiques for her business. One Saturday she
purchases a vessel which appears to be very old and odd at an estate
. The strange vessel turns out to be the home of Sami & Hari,
two gorgeous, hunky Djinn who travel through time and space to bring
sexual enlightenment to those in need. Alana is their next assignment
and they will not be leaving until she has learned everything they can
teach her. While she tells herself constantly that she must be
hallucinating it does not stop her from enjoying the lessons these guys
have planned for her.

While the first half of the book may be
nothing more than a wild romp, it is an entertaining romp that may make
you laugh, sigh, or just wonder how did they do that. The last half
gives you heart along with the heat, when you get to see that these are
more than just sex teachers, they are men who have a sense of a higher
purpose and longings for tradition. I really liked Sami and Hari in the
end, they were really good guys for genies. Be prepared for some wild
sexcapades though, they are packing serious heat!