Lie To Me

Lie to Me (Redemption, #1)

Lie to Me (Redemption #1)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I received this as an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

If I could give this more than 5 stars I would gladly do so! Sometimes romances can feel a bit stale or been there done that, it is so not the case here. From the first sentence I was ready for an interesting and engrossing story, which is just what I got. I think for me it was even better because we got to know them as teenagers as well as adults and saw the evolution of their feelings for each other. The bond was so much more than about teen lust, this was forged in tragedy and heartache. An added bonus is that you actually get to hear from both sides in their own voice with chapters devoted to their perspective on the situation as it develops.

  The Main Characters

Harlow Chase has been in a bad place since the love of her life left her 5 years ago without any explanations and a few texts which stopped abruptly. Though life has been hard she has been dedicated to giving her young brother the best life she can. Harlow is a study in contradictions, she is a fighter who never gives up yet she has all these quirks which make her appear weak. But she truly is a loyal and caring person who will stand by those she loves no matter the consequences.

Marcus Roma never had a happy home life, he attempted to gain acceptance through boxing, a sport that his father always loved. When he saw this young, lanky girl hanging around he spoke to her and an instant attraction was born. He came to love her and would do anything to make her smile or feel safe but there were things happening that he didn’t understand. When he left her to go across the country and work it was with the thought that he would be back for her soon. But now 5 years later he is back, and he knows that if he wants to be in her life again he is going to have to earn the right. A teen who made bad choices has grown into a man who wants to make them right.

Alex Wolfe is Marcus’s godfather and at first glance seems to be a very nice and generous man. But he has a dark side that shows itself as he manipulates Marcus and threatens those he loves. He got Marcus to leave the girl he loved and now wants to assure that it cannot be resurrected. He has targeted Harlow and wants Marcus to be the one to strike the final blow.

  Short Summary

Five years ago Harlow was fairly happy with her life, she had her love and the prospect of gaining custody of her younger brother after her parents died. But then her love, Marcus, left without an explanation and she never saw him again until one rainy day as she was trying to catch a bus in New York. With his return she has to not only fight to save her home but fight the love she still feels for the man who abandoned her and left her broken. Can she ever believe or trust him when she asks him to “Lie to Me”?

I knew I was hooked the moment I started talking to the characters, not as crazy as it sounds, and telling them what I thought they should do. This book had me laughing at certain situations, then I was crying with them or for them, but I smiled a great deal also. Marcus and Harlow are a couple I would like to see more of in the future. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a happy ending.