How To Break A Cowboy

How To Break A Cowboy (Savage Tales, #1)

How To Break A Cowboy (Savage Tales #1)

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
I liked this and at the same time I did not like it . Confusing I know but there were just things that bugged me about how it was laid out. I liked the concept of the cowboys, particularly since we got to come out of Texas for them, but I would still have liked more about my surroundings. It moved along fairly well and the scenes between the characters were nicely done but the story was lacking. More to the point there was no complete story to enjoy.

Tessa Savage has a job which takes her all over the world, she enjoys her job and the fringe benefits of not being tied to one location. When she has a free weekend she decides to go visit her two favorite cowboys at the Lazy L Guest Ranch. Wade Messing and Connor O’Reilly have been together for six years and have a very fulfilling relationship with Tessa. When she arrives she knows that something is not right but since Wade says things are fine, she goes along.

Wade and Connor have added another hand to the ranch, one who makes Wade, a control freak lose control when he is around. Dallas is young and good-looking and Wade is pushing Connor into his arms because he cannot handle the feelings he has. When Tessa realizes what is happening she decides that they have to remedy the situation and decide that if you can break a horse how hard can it be to break a cowboy.

I liked the guys immediately, except maybe for Dallas, it took a while to warm up to him. They all sounded yummy and just what you would visualize a cowboy being. I never really warmed up to Tessa, she seemed a bit self-absorbed, even if she was willing to help, it was still about her pleasure in the end.

Like I have said I was a bit ambivalent about this but may give another one a try at a later date. This contains MM, a three-way, and a foursome, so be warned.


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