Untamed Magick

Untamed Magick (Pentacles of Magick, #1)

Untamed Magick (Pentacles of Magick #1)

For me this was 4.5 stars because while it was very good, it did not reach that higher limit, though not by much. Having never read this author before I was pleasantly surprised that it was as good as I had hoped. This was a very quick and enjoyable read that caught my attention from the first page. I found the characters to be interesting and able to elicit emotion for their plight even while making this very hot. The way they interacted with each other was perfect for what was going on in their world, though there should have been more conflict. Once I started, I could not put it down and read it right through the night.

Anger,greed, and lust, all luring them to the evil potential of their magick.

The Scott family has lived under a curse/prophesy for centuries which tells of the destruction of the entire family. Two sets of twins each holding a magick which could corrupt and kill them all, they can never stay together for any extended period of time. It is said that a woman will be their eventual downfall and every man is wary any new woman coming into their lives.

Graelen Scott is rich, handsome, and a witch, he hides in his house wondering if he will ever be able to save himself and his brothers from the prophesy. Every day he fights the pull of the dark magick within him and he can feel himself weakening. Rena Gallagher is a researcher and historian at the Museum of Art History in San Diego, she also happens to be an empath. Rena has come into possession of Tarot cards which have been in the Scott family for generations and has come to Graelen to get answers she cannot find on her own, what she does not know is that they were stolen. Though she may hold his destruction Graelen is instantly drawn to Rena and she to him, and maybe the prophesy was wrong and she can be his salvation.

This book contains untamed desire, untamed rage, and of course untamed magick. Loved it and will be going on in this series.