Revealed (Brides of the Kindred, #5)

Revealed (Brides of the Kindred #5)

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This was a nice entry because Nadiah is the first alien that we see get bonded.
I am so drawn to these books because of the great sex scenes but also because I like the characters and would want to be friends with them all.

Another great entry in the Brides of the Kindred series. As usual we start from a point not to far removed from the end of the previous book. We have multiple POV and multiple stories going on which are directly related to what is happening. The stories have a natural progression and always seem to bring just a little bit of something new each time. While we get to know new characters, we still have the pleasure of keeping up with those we have come to like from previous books. Each time you visit a new world you can see the differences that have been woven through it but also the similarities to our own. Things are starting to become even darker than they have before and that can bring a whole new element to the story.

Nadiah is from Tranq Prime, home world of the Blood Kindred, she came to the Mothership to attend the bonding ceremony of her cousin Sylvan and Sophie. But she came for more than that, she was also running from a bonding which her parents had arranged when she was only six years old. While on the ship she met a human male named Adam Rast and felt drawn to him thinking he was Kindred. Nadiah is being pulled back to Tranq Prime by her blood bond to Y’dex a cruel and abusive male who wants nothing more than to dominate and humiliate those around him. If she can find a champion to challenge the bond, then she can be free, otherwise she is doomed to a life of misery. And it seems that she has as Adam Rast steps up to do just that though he has no real chance of winning being human.

While we have met the usual types of Kindred- beast, blood, and twin there are more out there and we get to find out about some of the more exotic varieties. There is a hybrid by the name of Merrick who is part beast kindred and blood kindred and also a friend of Sylvan. Here is a bit of his story and what we can look forward to in the next installment.

These books are an interesting mix of science fiction, romance, erotica, mystery, and battles. I think everyone should give them a read. I have laughed, cried, hated, loved, and lusted through every book. There is nothing better than a hot man in a spaceship!


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