The Trials

The Trials

The Trials (The Elite #2)

I have fallen in love with this series and this is only the second book! From the start I was ready to follow this story anywhere it wanted to take me, it had me at the first sentence. The characters are so well defined they seem like friends who decided to drop by and relate a new adventure. The language is straight forward and appropriate for the place and type of people they are. There is nothing slow about anything which happens, we keep moving from action to action with time for reflection that does not even slow down the pace. This was a perfect blend of action and introspection that allowed you to know the character and get behind or against them through their thoughts and deeds.

Connor Moore has been changed forever, he now officially belongs within the world of the Elites, but must still prove himself to be the Judge of the prophesy who will save his race and humankind from a darkness coming to claim them. To do this he must endure The Trials, which have not been used in over a thousand years but is the only way to garner support for a half-blood. When he accepts to undertake them he finds that he is told that he must pass the three trials which will test him mind, body, and spirit. Being eighteen is hard enough but to take on the role of savior is more than any teenager should have to do. The question is if he can do it before the darkness overtakes them. And to add to his burden he has not one but two girls who want to know where they stand in his life. That may have to wait until they see if they survive.

This is a smart, witty, action packed series that has eye candy throughout (great imagination from great descriptions) that anyone would enjoy. I have found characters that I can relate to and cry for or laugh about or hate and that is what good writing does, it draws you in and makes you care one way or the other. That is what I have here. It may not be for everyone but I would think if given a try it would do the same for anyone. And I for one cannot wait for the next installment, cliff hangers always make me anxious and I want to know what happens!