Tristan’s Lyceum Wolves

Tristan's Lyceum Wolves (Immortals of New Orleans #3)

Tristan’s Lyceum Wolves (Immortals of New Orleans #3)

My rating 5 of 5 stars
Once again a story I could fall into and enjoy without any major distraction other than my own stops to absorb here and there. The characters are as vivid as ever and makes knowing them a pleasant prospect in every book. They have rich and varied lives that could fit in anywhere and with any other people. I can follow and know that where it takes me will always be vastly interesting even with the violence which comes in their world.

Tristan is like any other man wolf or not. He values his freedom and thinks that settling down with one woman will take that from him, he does not give any thought to the fact that a woman might feel the same way. That is what it means to be Alpha, to be adored and obeyed, but not to always look at all sides of things. He and his Beta, Logan, have shared everything for years like their attitudes about finding a mate and on many occasions women.

Tristan wants to find out who fire-bombed his club and is trying to start a territory war. There are a lot of possibilities but he will need to narrow them down and he has only one clue which might help him with that. After getting a new club up and running within a week he hopes that he can now concentrate on that. He is given a lead that does not seem to be going anywhere at first but leads him to more than just the arsonists, but to his true mate as well.

Violence, sex, revenge, abuse, jealousy, betrayal stand right along side loyalty, love, and forgiveness. This is a great installment and I am in love with Tristan and Logan both. If I had to have an Alpha I would take Tristan any day of the week, he is strong and powerful yet tender and sweet. As a second no one can compare to Logan who loves his Alpha and would do anything to protect him. These characters speak to me and make my days a little less dreary when I am immersed in their world.