French Quarter


French Quarter (Hot in the City #1)

My rating : 5 of 5 stars
I was so surprised by this, in a pleasant way. The story moves very quickly, almost to quickly from introduction to action though I am not complaining. I liked that it was moving at break neck speed but still managing to give story with enough tension to keep you engaged. I liked the characters from the beginning was very happy to follow them on their journey of discovery about themselves. The characters each have distinctive personalities that you can relate to either negatively or positively which allows for being pulled into their plight. I love the setting of New Orleans, though I have never been there reading this made me want to visit even more. However, I am sure it is nothing like it was characterized here, as much fun as it would be if it were.

Liz Marsh is a recent transplant to New Orleans, she moved there with her fiancé from Maryland when he was transferred for his job. Liz was always an obedient child who grew into an obedient woman, always doing as she was told. After 6 months Todd, the fiancé starts to stay out late every night and Liz believes he is having an affair and decides to find out for certain what is going on.

Jack Wade is a private eye who works and lives in the French Quarter, he is Cajun and one good-looking man. When Liz walks into his office and asks him to find out what her fiancé is up to he initially turns her down because he no longer takes cases like that. But after a little persuasion and flirtation he takes on the case and finds out what she wants to know very quickly.

For Liz it is a moment of liberation and for Jack the start of something he could never have expected. What started as a job for one and a search for truth of the other turns into a sexual odyssey that neither could have expected when she walked through his door. But when that second door opens you need to make sure that the first one has been closed because otherwise things can go dark when you least expect it.

After reading this I cannot wait to read about the other Marsh sisters. If the decadence and hedonism are even half of what has been seen here, then sign me up for a move to the Big Easy!