I was actually stumped as to what to give this so I’m slitting the difference with 4.5 stars. Even after reading the blurb for this book I did not really know what to expect, but I’m glad I took the time. While I am not a big fan of angels, at least those in books, I am a fan of these angels. The writing is sharp and witty with sprinkles of pop culture you can’t help but smile about. The characters are sympathetic and real in how they act and react to their situation. There are religious overtones but that is to be expected and it is handled in a surprisingly interesting way.

Hell has come to Earth, God has gone missing, and the archangels have been decimated. That is they were all thought to be gone, but a baby archangel of four and a half million years old named Israfel still lives. She is one of two angels to have survived the rise of Lucifer to the face of the world. With demons roaming freely, Isra and Hale are the only thing standing between the total destruction of the human race and hope for the future.

I ending up loving this book and the characters so much. Isra was very cool for an archangel with her television and movie references. Who knew that angels go to the movies on their down time. 🙂 She had her flaws but they were earned through serious hardship and wanting to protect those she cared for. Hale was a bit more stoic but had his playful side as well, he also had a great deal of faith.

If you like stories about angels or apocalyptic stories or demons, then you have to give this a look. There is nothing better than finding something good between the pages.