A Spirited Season

A Spirited Season

A Spirited Season


My rating: 4 of 5 stars
All the stories were fun without the need to have any darkness creep in with paranormal elements. They were light and maybe a little frothy but definitely entertaining and full of holiday spirit. The writing is great and flows along at a great pace from story to story even though each is different and unique.

“A Christmas Peril” is a play on the classic “A Christmas Carol” which finds Barbara Marr being visited by 3 very scary ghosts just before Christmas. It gets so bad that she stops sleeping and throws her whole life into disarray. Getting to the bottom of her haunting makes for a very interesting and surprising ride.

“Make My Wish Come True” finds Delaney Pearce doing her Christmas shopping after a bad breakup and making wishes the whole time, but of course not expecting them to come true. What she doesn’t know is that she has a genie who is listening and willing to give her all the things she wants. But does she even know what she truly wants from her life?

“Two Turtledoves” is a nice story about an antique that helps to bring two lonely people together during the holidays even as they feel they do not need anyone. This was a sweet tale of how loneliness affects you and what can bring happiness.

“Squawkin Around the Christmas Tree” has a jealous husband who turns to witchcraft in order to find out if his wife is cheating. What he finds out is way more than he had expected and got back something he had lost.

“Jingle Spells” Kendall Rhodes was having a Christmas Eve party because she had been fighting with her father and did not want to see him. Her friend Delaney was in attendance as well as a guy that she really liked. When the lights go out she cannot figure out what is going on and then is told that someone has placed a spell on her home. But who would such a thing and why? The fun is in finding out the culprit and what secrets are revealed because of it.

“O Christmas Tree” On Christmas Eve three men a working to repair a cell tower near some woods. One man has no family and while he is in no hurry he wants to get his friend’s home. But he finds that sometimes love and family can find you when you least expect them. A love story for the holidays.

Each story gives a feeling of the holiday that we sometimes forget about but need to feel. These made me smile and just be glad that I don’t have to worry about the supernatural during my happy season. Enjoy!