Better Off Dead


Better Off Dead (Lily Harper #1)

This was a 4.5 for me but I would have given it 5 for a little more back story on Tallis Black. The writing was everything I have come to expect from this author, who I already love. The plot was fun but seemed a bit rushed, I would have liked to take a little time when Lily arrived in her new digs before heading off on her first adventure. This being the first novel in the series, it lays out the overall theme of what will be happening. The characters seem plausible and act and react in the way that you would expect them to, except for maybe Bill who is on a whole different plane than anyone else. 🙂 The language is appropriate for the characters and is easily understandable, even the thick brogue that is employed by Tallis.

Lily Harper is having a bad day, she is late for a presentation at work, it’s raining, traffic is a nightmare and then it gets worse, she dies. What’s a girl to do when she finds herself deceased and in the equivalent of a DMV office where she is given an impossible choice, die and go to purgatory or become a bounty hunter for souls. What would you do given that choice? Well she opts for hunter and there begins her adventure in the wonderful world of soul retrieval. She meets her guide, Bill, her guardian angel who will accompany her, but knows as little as she does about what they will face. Tallis Black is a blade-smith and is hired officially to make Lily a sword for her missions but the moody Scotsman becomes more.

A nice first book that gave us an introduction to some interesting characters some good action and a new outlook on the afterlife. Who knew bureaucrats could be found in the hereafter. Loved this and really like Lily, I think she is going to be totally bad-ass once she gets her bearings. Can’t wait for the next one!