Charred Heart


Charred Heart (Heart of Fire #1)

by Lizzy Ford (Goodreads Author)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received this book for free through NetGalley for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this book so much that it almost surprised me. The characters were all what I would have wanted them to be. They acted and reacted to each other and their various situations with such real emotion that I could not help but be drawn to them. The story was logical and heartbreaking in so many ways that sometimes I was not sure how I should react. I loved that! I like a story that gives me a bit of a mystery along with my action and love story, because there was definitely a love story here. Lizzy Ford has given me a hero I can root for an a heroine I can like and admire, she is not a simpering little girl. The only thing I missed was getting to know more about some of the secondary characters, even though they were not a major part of the story I would have liked to have learned more about them.

Chace has been a dragon shifter for a thousand years and just wants to human again. He has lost so many friends over the years that life has become unbearable for him, and the fact that it is due to a curse makes things even worse. Chace does not think before he acts and tends to be arrogant and selfish, but it is partly because he forgets that others may rely on him. This is a man/dragon I would not push away!

Skylar is a slayer, a dragon slayer in particular and has been hunting Chace for a while. When she finally stumbles upon him she can’t understand why she feels drawn to him for more than just the capture. Skylar’s life has been very straight forward until she runs into Chace, then things start to change for her as she starts to question if she is who she thought she was. You cannot help but like a girl with a warped sense of humor that surfaces at the most peculiar times. She is pretty fearless but has a soft side. This girl I could hang with and have a great time.

For twenty years the shifters have been disappearing and no one knew what was happening, their numbers had fallen from the thousands down to a few dozen. Chace is tasked with finding out what is going on in order to get what he wants most, while Skylar is after the last dragon shifter. Both of them are being manipulated, though they are unaware of all that is being done around them. They find each other only to have external forces pull them apart and maybe separate them forever.

With a story full of mysterious shifters, murky slayers, betrayal, lust, magic, and a fathers regret, how could I not want more. This story had the right measure of heat and intrigue to keep me reading well into the night. And know I just need to find out what happens next, because I am hoping for my HEA, or least a continuation of a story that has me.