Mistworld (Twilight of the Empire #1)

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
I give this 4.5 stars for a story that was engaging and characters that made me want to root for them. Things start off a little slow but it quickly picks up as each character is introduced and you get a look into their background on Mistworld. The world he has created is at once familiar and then again alien to someone who cannot imagine living in such a place. It’s not easy to create thieves and rogues who are likable people you would not mind hanging out with, but here it is and I love it. The action is broken up in such a way as to give you maximum story as you follow each individual in their own pursuits. The language is perfect and gives more insight into the situation that everyone is in. A taut and well held together story that brings you into a conflict that has raged for generations without being fully resolved.

Mistworld is an outlaw planet, most notably because it’s inhabitants have been labeled as outlaws by the Empire which expects strict loyalty and compliance from its citizens. On this harsh world they have no way to get the technology they need to survive except through the prowess of smugglers who are willing to crash the blockade which has been set by the Empire. The inhabitants have held off the Empire for hundreds of years, but that does not stop the Empire from plotting to attack when conditions are ripe. The only thing holding back the Empire is the psionic shield which is kept in place by the Espers who reside on the planet, but are they really enough.

The women here are as strong as the men and survive on that strength and not just on their need to be taken care of. I liked that these were women who knew how to fend for themselves no matter which side of the law they were on. I would say that I liked Investigator Topaz because was a serious kick-ass female who did what needed to be done and let the rest sort itself out and then you had Cyder who was able to survive in a world that could take down the strongest man.

What you find here is a lot of intrigue, double-dealing, spies, murder, betrayal, and revenge. My type of science fiction with a world in peril and brave settlers and an evil tyrant trying to take it all away. What’s not to like. Give this a read!


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