Annihilate Me


Annihilate Me Vol. 1 (Annihilate Me #1)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This was a great book which caught me completely off guard. Because of the title I was expecting something a lot steamier than what it ended up being, this was a good thing however. The writing drew you into the plight of the characters and made you want to follow along and find out how their lives would turn out. It held my attention from the beginning to the end and had me wishing there were just a few more hours available so I could finish instead of having to wait for the next day. I was very glad to find that volume 1 was a full novel and not just an introduction or a type of serialization. The characters all have great personalities which only adds to the story itself, you get a chance to know something about them and why they act the way they do in situations. I think the language used is appropriate for the character based on their personalities and the way that they are purported to live and to have been educated.

Jennifer and Lisa have moved from Bangor, Maine to New York after graduating college four months ago. Lisa is a budding writer whose first book on Amazon has done very well, she is self-published, and is currently working on her second book. Jennifer graduated with her MBA in business and is hoping to land her dream job so she does not have to return home, but things are looking a bit dismal. After four months of interviews Jennifer is no closer to a job than when they arrived and her money is starting to run out, she hates that Lisa is more or less having to support them both. She has one more interview coming up and hopes that this will be her break, if not she is going to have to come up with another plan.

When she arrives for her interview the woman interviewing her is less than professional, she wants to know why someone with her qualifications would want a secretarial job and dismisses her without a thought. Jennifer is upset and while trying to hold it together in the elevator meets a man and pours out her dislike for the interviewer to him thinking she will never see him again. To her surprise she gets called back by the hateful woman for an interview with the owner of Wenn Enterprises. She has no idea what is coming but the job is not what she thinks it is and is going to change her life.

This is more than just an erotic story or even a simple romance story. It’s about two people who have been damaged in ways that neither has been able to deal with alone. This story has moments of fun, glamour, sweetness, sorrow, paranoia, and true friendship. It was a nice beginning in the story of two people from different worlds who are going to try to meld those worlds to create something richer for them both. I would highly recommend this!