Embracing the Wolf


Embracing the Wolf

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I was looking forward to getting to know the other Ritter brother and it was well worth the wait. The writing here is crisp and expressive with characters who are as real as any I have ever seen. The story flows easily and pulls you along as the tension builds to a great conclusion. The language is perfect and makes me feel connected to everyone.

Kate Davis is a waitress at The Eatery and is working the graveyard shift when a man and a wolf come in to rob it. Unfortunately she is shot when she tries to protect one of her co-workers who wanders in not knowing what is happening and wakes without knowing what happened. Enter Richard Ritter who runs the security company which monitors the diner. He needs to speak to her and so goes to the hospital to continue the questions but never really got around to it. What he does find out is that Kate is the next target of a wolf who has been kidnapping and changing young women against their will. He feels drawn to protect her for a reason he is not sure about and the only way to do that is by taking a step he has avoided for years even while being nagged by his family. Has he found his true mate?

I really fell in love with these characters and the story fit what I would have expected from them. This was a sweet, sexy story with paranormal overtones. Not many wolves seen but a nice fight scene.