Chained (Brides of the Kindred #9)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Well here we are at number nine in the series and things keep getting more interesting with each new bride and each new warrior we meet. Even though I can see a bit of a formula in the construction of the stories but this does not take anything away from the development of the characters or each unique situation these couples find themselves in. The worlds they travel to are always so different and strange but at the same time familiar in some way that makes you feel like you could travel there and fit in. I am drawn in every time and am never disappointed when I start my adventure across the galaxy with my kindred guy.

Korexiroth, known as The Demon on the blood circuit has been bought by Lady Pope’nose as her newest body slave and she plans to break him or have him die, she really does not care which. Maggie Jordon is an earth girl and scientist who has been given permission to go on an expedition to Gaia with a married kindred couple but first they must make a stop on Yonnie Six to make a delivery to Lady Pope’Nose. Maggie is a bit of a klutz and knows it, when she is asked to go down to Yonnie Six anything can happen and none of it all good. Her simple mission to trade a collar for documents belonging to the kindred goes side ways when she decides to free the slave that Pope’nose has paid a great deal for. Kor and Maggie end up traveling a great distance together and apart before they find their way to each other.

There were a few things that bugged me about Maggie like the fact that she kept talking about her fiance who was obviously not a good fit for her, but you would have thought he was the greatest guy around. The more I heard about Donald the more he annoyed me, it also seemed as if someone likes The Big Bang Theory a lot because he reminded me a lot of Sheldon from his aversion to kissing to the way he talks.

These are some of the hottest books with some of the hottest alien men I have read. The love scenes are super hot and always leave me with a smile. I laughed a little, cried a little, and was ready to yell at everyone a lot. My emotions were all over the place and they were not settled even at the end. Enjoy this entry.

“Her hand shook as she raised the loincloth and she gave a little gasp at what she saw beneath. Even only half hard, he was big. Way bigger than anyone else in her limited experience—especially Donald whose equipment reminded her of a shy, skinny worm afraid to come out of its hole.”
Evangeline Anderson, Chained  Evangeline Anderson