Witch’s Bell 2


Witch’s Bell 2 (The Adventures of Ebony Bell #2)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
The first book in this series did not exactly grab me, but this one made me more of a fan. This time around I was ready and got into the story a lot quicker with a lot more interest in what was going on. The fact that Ebony seemed a bit more subdued and not so manic and annoying helped get me there. The plot here was a lot tighter and well thought out, at least for me, then the first which I completed but was not sure if I even liked the character. The characters felt more real to me here though I am still not fully invested in the world they inhabit.

After almost losing herself and being rewritten months ago Ebony has finally found her purpose and balance in life. She and Harry the bookstore are doing well and she has moved in to be closer. Things are going well with her job. The only thing seems to be that the police are busier than ever as magic seems to be running amok and her job seems to never end.

Something deadly and sinister is happening in Vale and Ebony is about to find herself at the center of trouble once again. And just to keep things interesting she is being courted by a handsome wizard from out of town named Aaron Heart who is in town to talk about security for a wizards convention. Meanwhile, Detective Nate Wall seems decidely jealous, though he hasn’t made a move of his own.

There is only one thing that really bugged me and that was the fact that so many words had been misused throughout the book. The word ‘where’ was used when they meant ‘were’ as well as ‘allowed’ for ‘aloud’. It kind of throws off your train of though while you try to make sense of it.

The books are sweet with a hint of danger and darkness with the potential for romance eventually. Ebony Bell is a likeable character most of the time but sometimes seems a bit naive for someone who grew up a witch. I hope to get better acquainted with the other characters who populate Vale.

“Magic is like silver cutlery, Ebony, you only bring it out to either impress, or stab, important guests.”
Odette C. Bell, Witch’s Bell Book One