A Stolen Heart


A Stolen Heart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I received this ARC from the author for an honest review.I was drawn into this story from the very first page because it started with a sequence that went right to the heart of the story. I loved the characters because they seemed so real and a part of their surroundings without fading into them. The dialogue felt modern in tone but still seemed to fit the time and people who were using it. This was just a really great story that held me enthralled and in a world that was part of a time I could only imagine. Each element flowed into the next keeping it moving as you met new characters and found out more information about the inhabitants of the town.Alexandra and her brother Hugh live on a ranch in Kansas, and the year is 1850. They have had many tragedies befall them and others on the surrounding ranches which all lead back to one man who is terrorizing them all in the name of greed and lust. Alex and Hugh have opted to play Robin Hood to thwart their own Sheriff of Nottingham, but he has countered with someone to take them down.

Jarett is a hired man who is to protect a shipment from thieves who have struck several times in the past. The unfortunate thing is that even though other robberies have been free of injuries, this time things become bad for both sides. Jarett wants revenge and stays around to find the person who almost made him sing soprano. Not an easy thing in a town that hates the man he works for.

When Jarett meets Alexandra he starts to lose some of that focus as he finally meets a woman who makes him think about more than just a one night stand. The road to happiness is not easy for either, but getting there is half the battle.

I loved that the point of view seemed to switch between or mains so that you could have a better idea of what they were thinking. This had everything you could want in a story set on the frontier. There are ranchers, horses, cattle rustling, barn burning, fallen women (saloon workers), a corrupt sheriff, a vicious land baron, and some pretty hot sex for the time. Jarett is the kind of man any woman would be glad to have, even an independent one like Alexandra.

If you love stories with cowboys, horses, and holding on to what you worked for, then you will love this. I recommend this highly!