Forever Changed


Forever Changed (Mystic Wolves #4)

 My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I have been a fan of this series since stumbling across Mystic Wolves and falling in love with Mason and Darcy. This book picks up the day after their mating ceremony and brings with it not a great start to their lives together but more revelations that could cause them harm. These two never seem to get a break. The writing is fast paced and engrossing bringing out more about all the characters as it moves to a surprising conclusion. The characters are always well fleshed and give you a feeling of being someone you could get to know and like or someone you would avoid at all costs. I love the descriptions of the place they live and can visualize it so easily that it feels like a place I would like to visit and maybe even stay for a while.

After all the trials that they have had to endure Darcy and Mason finally have their mating ceremony and become husband and wife, the Alpha and his mate only to have their happiness come crashing down as more bad news is given to them. A dark evil is coming for Darcy from out of the past and they have to find a way to stop it or her body and soul could be at stake. Devlin, the vampire who has been her best friend since she was a girl drops another bombshell along with this news which causes tension between him and her new mate and friend also. To find the answers they need they leave their home and travel across the country to try to find some type of solution before the evil finds them.

This was a great installment that had me crying for Darcy and all that she had endured. While she did not seem very strong or assertive when we first met her, she has grown into a strong woman who can take care of herself and those she loves when needed. Mason has always been a strong male figure but we get to see that he has a tender side and that his love for her will have him doing whatever it takes to protect his mate and keep him with her forever. Their story touches my heart and I want them to be together and to be happy. Love this and I think anyone would enjoy their story.