Away From Him


Away From Him

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I was immediately drawn into this story, though it was partly because I took an instant dislike to the heroine because she seemed like such a wuss. The story is really nice and moves along a quick pace that has you anxious to see where things are going. The characters are well written and give you the sense that they are people who you might actually know in your life.

Melanie wants nothing more than to live a peaceful existence where she can teach her yoga classes and avoid conflict. It would have been much easier to do if she had not signed up to help people with anger management issues.

Billy Styles is a very successful criminal attorney who has anger management issues. He knows he has them and does not feel that there is anything that can help him. He seems to be right since Melanie is not the first person they have sent him to for help.

When Billy and Melanie meet things will never be the same for either of them. Melanie’s perfect world is thrown off course because she wants to help him but her over optimistic view of life makes him cringe. Melanie does not like messy and Billy is as messy as it gets because he is good at his job, which means he sometimes gets criminals off. They will have to find a way to bridge their differences before they can move forward.

The story made me feel good even if I did not like Melanie at first. She seemed to be a bit of a phony at first, then I just thought she was mentally unbalanced, but she turned out to be just misguided. Billy had a hard life which had shaped him into the angry man he would become and that he would have to temper in order to find the love he always wanted. Definitely worth a read!

“Really? Only one class and you’re ready to kick him out?” the woman on the other end of the line inquired. “I’m sorry, that’s not why I was calling,” Melanie said swiftly. “I’m calling because I wanted to know a little bit more about Mr. Styles, to see if there is a more efficient way that I can help him.” “Mr. Styles has been through three anger management courses and one Hugs for Healing program in the past two weeks. His attempts at fulfilling the court order with these classes have resulted in two counselors quitting, and several restraining orders.”
Kaelyn Swan, Away From Him