Lords of the Were


Lords of the Were (Tales Of The Were #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I really liked this story for being interesting enough to keep my attention and having characters who I would love to know in the real world. The story grabs you immediately and makes you want to find out what could possibly be so mysterious about what the ladies are doing. As characters are introduced you will want to continue on because things get more interesting as they progress. The story flows well and is explained as it goes so you do not have some of those gaps which can be so annoying.

Allesandra (Allie) was orphaned at a young age and never knew her real parents, so when a woman comes to her and says that her mother asked her to get in touch with her when the time came she should have been surprised. What she finds out is that her mother was a priestess and now she must be consecrated into the service of the deity that her mother served. Allie feels so comfortable in a world she had no idea existed until her 32nd birthday when it all opened up to her. She seems a little timid at first but steps up and turns into a gutsy woman.

Tim and Rafe are the twin pair Lord’s of The Were who are sworn to protect Allie and love her if she will let them. They rule over all were no matter what they may be and have a pact with the Lady which keeps them all safe. They are two gorgeous hunks of wolf who take their responsibilities very seriously and will do anything to protect their people.

What no one realizes is that a plot to kill their priestess from an ancient evil is moving their way and they may not be as prepared as they think.

This had what I love in a story in that it made me cry, made me laugh, made me hot! Their was hot sex, good fighting, good magic (black and white), emotional moments, and family. A quick read but a satisfying one.

*This book contains scenes of menage a trois