What Zombies Fear: A Father’s Quest


What Zombies Fear: A Father’s Quest (What Zombies Fear #1)

I give this 4.5 stars for being an interesting take on zombies. I have never read anything by this author before and was pleasantly surprised to get a zombie tale that was at least at little different from the usual, though I do remember something somewhat similar. The characters were interesting if a bit less fleshed than I would have liked, I see room for them to gain more personality and life as the series moves forward. While the first chapter didn’t bring me fully in, by chapter two I was ready to settle in and read as long as I could to find out what would happen next.

Victor Tookes, rhymes with kooks, starts out his day like any other by going to the office. This is no ordinary day however and he finds himself in the middle of the end of civilization. It has been 12 years and he is going to tell us how he has managed to protect his son, Max, who is being sought out by the zombies for some reason. While Victor was able to save his son, his wife did not make it in those first days. This left him with a 3-year-old boy in a hostile world. Max was bitten but did not change like so many others and seems to have some type of 6th sense about the zombies.

This has a good story, really good ending, great zombies, and even better hero’s. I will be continuing to follow this story as long as it lasts.