Extinction Horizon


Extinction Horizon

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

First thing I have to say is that these are not zombies! They are infected individuals, there is a difference. I know it does not seem important but I am serious about my zombies. Secondly my true rating is 4.5 stars, and that is only because it started a bit slowly for me.

I have here an author who can write a great apocalypse and make me enjoy it as the world falls apart. The characters are realistically portrayed and feel like they could be someone you might meet in your everyday life or at least know someone who knew them. The science is easy to understand, which is good since it could get technical and bog the story down if not handled right. The disease vectors are well thought out, both for the natural and unnatural ones depicted. The descriptions of the infected did put me in the mind somewhat of those in the Will Smith movie ‘I Am Legend’ but I think it is more because they are fast and animal like. Once again, not a bad thing because I like them, as long as you don’t call them zombies.

There have been more breakouts of the Ebola virus around the globe and it appears to be mutating making it harder to treat. Doctors from the CDC are being sent out and coming back with samples hoping to isolate the strain and be able to create a cure. During the Vietnam war there had been experiments with various drugs in an attempt to create better soldiers, those attempts were disastrous.

Now Delta Force operatives are being sent in to rescue or bring back the work of a scientist who has been experimenting with some dangerous virus’s and has gotten into trouble. Master Sargent Reed Beckham and his team go in without a full understanding of the consequences and come away without the prize. Dr. Kate Lovato and her mentor are asked to help figure out what was done and find a cure, but once again they are not given all the facts. Can the world be saved when men decide to play god?

I could give a blow-by-blow but then there would be no need to read the book, and you really should read it. I kind of fell a little in love with Reed Beckham because he seemed so needy in a way, even though he is a strong man who can take care of himself and others. This seems to escalate pretty quickly and I like that we are taken through it day by day which gives a better measure of how swiftly things get out of control.

I cried a little, laughed a little, yelled at the stupid and the slow, was truly disturbed by some of the things done by the infected, and generally had a blast. This is the start, I hope, of a new world of survivors. Enjoy this immediately!

Available for pre-order. Release date December 29, 2014.