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Untamed (Vampire Awakenings #3)

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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
I had been waiting for this third entry since finishing book two and it was so worth the wait. I was pulled into the story right from the start partly because I had been anticipating this story and partly because it had just the right hook to draw me in. I was so glad that it was in more than one voice so that you got the point of view of each of the mains as they took us on this journey. Things start off on a tense note and continues to build from there as the story expands to include more characters. The characters themselves are so well-defined that you cannot help but feel that they are people you know and want to help. I could totally see myself hanging out with all of them, human and vampire, because I liked them so much. The story, even though it deals with vampires, has a ring of truth to it that keeps you interested in what is happening as it takes you from the mundane to the fantastical.
Ethan has always felt different from the other members of his family and when Isabelle asks him to come to Bermuda for a month he thought maybe it would help. He has never really liked being around humans like his siblings and avoided them as much as possible without alerting his family to what he was doing. Emma has come to Bermuda after graduating and just wants to have fun after getting out of a dysfunctional relationship that turned dark.  She and her two friends have rented a house and are ready to party,  meet men, and enjoy the tropical days and nights. Sometimes though you can find something that you didn’t even know you were looking for or needed while just trying to live your life.
I had so many feelings running through me while I was reading this that it was hard to sit still sometimes. I had a smile on my face every time Ethan stepped on deck because I knew he was so much more than he gave himself credit for.  I thought Emma was sweet and maybe a little to good to be true but she seemed perfect for Ethan. Her friends were the typical girlfriends you find in college, each a bit of a stereotype but not enough to bother. There were a lot of things going on here and every one of them kept me more than engrossed.  I laughed, cried, cheered, was angry, sad, and any number of other feelings bombarded me as I read this.  I knew it was going to end but as it drew to a close I kept wishing it would go on a little longer, now I can only hope that I will see more of this amazing family and their interesting problems as they continue to grow. Highly recommended!!
***Due to mature content and language this book is recommended for readers 18+***


They were almost to the door when the sky opened up and a deluge of rain began to fall. He went to hold her back but she was already stepping outside. He followed her out the door and stood beside her beneath the overhang as the rain pelted the ground around them in a loud crescendo that drowned out the noise of the restaurant.
“It should be over soon,” he said. “We can wait inside.”
The mischievous look she shot him over her shoulder should have warned him, but he still wasn’t expecting it when she asked, “Why?” and stepped into the storm.
Disbelief and amusement filled him as she tilted her head back and lifted her arms to the sky. Laughter trailed from her as the rain falling over her plastered the deep blue dress to her body. He could only stand and stare as she tilted her head back to the sky. There was something about the picture of her, laughing in the rain that made his heart clench, and caused a strange warmth to spread throughout him.
He thought he could stand there and watch her forever but the urge to touch her drove him toward her and into the rain. She was still laughing as she dropped her head down to look at him. Rain had turned her hair darker and caused it to curl as it clung to her face and neck. He barely noticed the drops of water as they pelted against him; the only thing he could focus on was her.
“It feels wonderful!” she cried above the noise.
He didn’t know what possessed him, but words completely failed him. It felt as if he had been taken over by something entirely primitive, he felt a burning itch that would only be appeased by touching her. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he lifted her up and pressed her flush against his body. Her mouth parted but before she could speak, his lips descended upon hers in a kiss that would have been bruising if the contact of their mouths hadn’t immediately eased some of the savage strain within him.
A low groan escaped him; his erection was extremely uncomfortable as it pressed against the front of his jeans. Her fingers curled into his shoulders, her mouth opened to his. She tasted of wine as his tongue entwined with hers. He could lose himself in her forever; if it wasn’t for the fact that he wasn’t going to allow anyone else to see her naked, he would have taken her here and now without any thought to where they were. If it were any other girl he wouldn’t have cared if someone else saw her body, but no other woman had ever driven him this crazy before or pushed him to these kinds of heights. No way was he about to play show and tell with any part of her body.

Brenda K. Davies


“Run Emma! Now!” he shouted. A scream swirled up and choked in her throat as she swore his eyes flashed red when he looked at her over his shoulder. That was impossible though, completely impossible, no one’s eyes could do that. He was pushing her forward before she could even pause to consider what it was that she might have seen in his eyes. “Go!”
The urgency of his voice, and the look on his face, caused her to turn and flee toward where Jill and Mandy had moved further down the beach. Her feet slipped in the sand, her lungs burned from the exertion, but she continued to race onward.
Ethan spun to face the threat he had sensed in the air. The shimmering on his left caused him to move in that direction. He used the strength that had flowed so freely through him since he was a child, and that had intensified tenfold upon his reaching maturity, to hone in on his prey and seize him by the throat. He lifted the man above his head as if he weighed no more than twenty pounds and slammed his two hundred pound frame into the sand. The man landed on his back with an explosive exhale that blew the hair back from Ethan’s face.
Lips skimmed back to reveal the man’s fangs as he released a low hiss and his eyes turned a volatile shade of red. Ethan had never seen the vamp before, but the aroma of a landfill radiated from him and caused Ethan’s nose to instinctively wrinkle. “Who are you?” Ethan growled.
He didn’t get an answer though as another flash on his right caught his attention. This one wasn’t coming at him though; it was heading for Jill, Mandy, and Emma. Ethan twisted the head of the man beneath him sharply to the side. The crack of his neck breaking resonated loudly through the air, it wouldn’t kill the vampire but he wouldn’t be able to follow them for a little while.
Launching to his feet, Ethan poured on the speed as he raced across the beach to where the girls were heading toward the road. Mandy’s gate was the most awkward he’d ever seen it as she struggled to run through the shifting sand. She stumbled and nearly fell but Emma and Jill grabbed hold of her arms and kept hold of her as they helped her forward. The other blur was almost to them when Ethan lowered his shoulder and smashed into it. Years of playing football with his family and The Stooges had trained him on how to take down another vampire, and he did so now with ease. Satisfaction filled him as he heard a couple of ribs give way from the impact and he felt the unhinging of the other vampire’s shoulder.
The vampire sprawled across the sand, kicking it up around him and causing Emma and the others to turn at the sound of the commotion. “Keep going!” Ethan yelled at her but none of them was looking at him, their eyes were on the other vampire that had rolled over and climbed to his feet.

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A small mewl of protest escaped her when he pulled his mouth away from hers. He caught her hands pressing against his chest, lifted them above her head, and flattened them against the door. Her breath came in rapid pants that caused her breasts to push temptingly against him. A seductive smile curved her mouth as she pressed her hips invitingly against his.
She would be the death of him, but he would welcome that death if she was smiling at him like that. Unable to resist her, he brought his mouth back to hers and kissed her with a deliberate slowness that allowed him to savor in the honeyed taste of her. Her hands jerked in his grasp but he didn’t release her and she didn’t try to pull away as he left a trail of kisses across her neck and down to her collarbone. His tongue swirled over her rain-dampened skin as he tasted her. He could hear and feel the rapid beat of her heart but he stayed away from the tempting vein that beckoned to him.
“Ethan,” she gasped when she felt the press of his fangs against her flesh. The sensation of his fangs scraping over her skin caused her to quiver with anticipation. That was when she knew that she’d completely lost her mind, and that she didn’t care. His eyes were burning embers when they came back to hers, his fangs clearly visible as he stared at her. “I want this.”
He released her hands and seized her face in between his palms; he stared at her as he waited for her to change her mind, but she had no intention of doing that. When she didn’t tell him to stop he kissed her so ardently that he stole the breath from her completely. She jerked a little when one of his fangs pricked her lower lip but it wasn’t an entirely unpleasant sensation and he kissed away the sting of the bite.
A rumble of satisfaction escaped him as his tongue licked up the trickle of blood that flowed into her mouth. Blood that was as deliciously sweet and magnificent as he’d known it would be. Even that small bit of blood caused strength to seep through his system as it filled him in ways that no other’s blood could have. He almost bit down on her lip to get more but he knew it would hurt her and though he would cause her future pain, he was going to do everything he could to minimize it now.
Her fingers curled into his back when he broke the kiss but before she could protest his heated mouth was on her neck and his fangs were pressing against her skin. The breath she’d just managed to take rushed out of her again when his fangs sank deep into her flesh. Her body jerked against his as he took possession of her vein. The sensation of his teeth piercing her skin was like a pinprick that was gone almost as soon as she felt it, and once it was gone there was only endless waves of delight as he held her more firmly against him.

The first book in this series, Awakened, is free. Each book in this series is a stand alone novel.

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