His for Christmas


His for Christmas

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This was my first time reading anything by this author and I can only say ‘WOW’, I cannot wait to read more. This was one very hot read that kept me reading from page one to the very end. Even though it was short it did not take anything away from the development of the characters who I really felt for. I felt sorry for both of them for the things that had happened to make them the wounded people they were. Even if one was a billionaire, his life was no picnic with the inner scars he carried.

Angel Cole gets out of prison after two years and wants to make something of her life. She has gotten an Associate degree and hopes to get a place to live and work in New York. The only problem is that putting her criminal record on applications keeps getting her turned down for jobs, so she finally leaves it off.

Gage Thompson, also known as the Big Bad, owns Thompson Industries and is not considered a very nice man. His life is his work and he only indulges in sex play rarely, and then only with pros. Though he is rich he has a darkness in his past that keeps him from living life-like the rest of the world. Then she comes into his life and all bets are off.

It caught me off guard how much I liked this story. It had me tearing up for the hurt both had lived with, but then it gave me some seriously hot scenes that made me just wish I could have Gage for an hour or two. Short but so worth the time to read it. I say go for it!


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