Risk: A Billionaire Love Story


Risk: A Billionaire Love Story

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This was a really nice read for me. Each time I read something from this author it seems that she has found a way to make me happy with a straight romance. The development of the characters is nice because it is gradual and not thrown at you in a lump. The character of Deborah is a little less clear than some of the others but that may be because I was trying to figure out why she would be the way she was. The book is well organized and flows perfectly because of the fact that the chapters are broken up into the voices of the mains as it goes forward. The language can seem a bit awkward sometimes but it still works to keep you interested in who these people are and where they come from.

Deborah Klein grew up in the foster care system and has finally formed a family of the kids she met within it. Aidan Price was born with everything a person could desire but has never been content or found happiness. Both have been damaged emotionally by their experiences growing up and cannot connect fully with those around them.

Deborah pulled herself up and is now a financial adviser in a prestigious firm and on track to be made a partner. Aidan is a playboy who has more money than sense and is being pushed by a sister who loves him to think about the future.These two come together at a time that is stressful for Deborah and gives Aidan a reason to care about something other than pleasure and oblivion. Can two so different people really find happiness?

I found that I liked that the sex they had here was ‘safe sex’, it is not often that you have a mention of a condom being used in any book. This was a good thing to have pop up and can remind you what should be done. I enjoyed this because there was a little danger, hurt feelings, remorse, and greed to stand between them all. I really wanted this to go on a bit more so I could see what would happen. Romance lovers will be happy with this!